Wisconsin Hapkido

Royal Court Hapkido is a traditional Korean Royal Court Martial Fine Art that goes back over a thousand years to the ancient Royal Courts and Military Disciplines of Korea, China and Japan.  Royal Court Martial Arts are highly specialized techniques and in ancient times this art was kept from the public and considered to be state secret. At the time these skills were only practiced by the Royal family, Royal Palace Guards and Military Officials. Today Korean Royal Court Martial Arts is known as Chung Do Mu Sool Won (True Way Martial Art Institute) and is organized under the World Chung Do Mu Sool Won Association.  Chung Do Mu Sool Won is the only complete relic of the Traditional Korean Royal Court Martial Fine Arts to be found today.


Royal Court Hapkido (Chung Do mu Sool Won) combines nonresistance / redirection skills, trapping, joint locking, pressure points, throws, ground defense, “Taek Kyon” (Korean kicking), “Kwon Bop”- (Korean boxing),  weapons training, empty hand forms, acupressure, “Ki-gong”- internal energy breathing techniques and holistic arts.  This training emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness and uses over 4,000 skills that enable an individual to overcome and subdue a larger attacker, or several attackers with minimum effort and maximum results.  Chung Do Mu Sool Won is ideal for any individual who desires a healthy and challenging workout fused with functional self-defense techniques.