Royal Court Martial Arts

The Royal Court Martial Art’s go’s back thousands of years to the Ancient Greek and European aristocracies in the West to the Imperial Kingdom’s of the Far East. To keep the monarchy’s safe Royal Military Training needed to be highly specialized and was only done deep within the palace walls where the techniques were considered state secret.  These Military fine arts (especially Greek Pankration) are considered the original Mixed Martial Arts and in the early days were only practiced by the Royal Family, Royal Palace Guards, Military Officials and Elite Armed Forces.


Today, Royal Court Martial Arts Academy takes a modern approach to Royal Court training. With respect to traditions, we have developed these skills to meet the current needs of today’s culture and to achieve the personal goals of the student. Training includes Boxing, Kickboxing, Trapping, Pressure Points, Ground Defense, Empty Hand/ Weapon Forms and “Ki-Gong”- internal energy breathing techniques. We use skills that redirect and avoid an opponent’s force. This adaptability emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness that is ideal for any individual who desires a good workout fused with functional self-defense training.